maximse the use of cache in your code

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Hi all,

What are things you will follow in order to maximize the  use of cache


Re: maximse the use of cache in your code
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Keep your code and data small, think about the locality of references
(especially if your cache lines are wide and you are using dram of some
sort), and be careful how you deal with arrays in loops.

Re: maximse the use of cache in your code
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Is it Instruction cache / data cache ?

Karthik Balaguru

Re: maximse the use of cache in your code
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Well, first ofall, I'll ask Usenet to do my homework for me.

-- "irk the purists - if you've never then you ought."

Re: maximse the use of cache in your code
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I'd also ask "why would you want to?": This isn't a real world
question.  If the overall goal is to improve performance of existing
code, this isn't the obvious thing to consider.  Optimising data
cache utilisation is a matter of ensuring good locality of reference
- this hinges on the fundamental design of the data structures
concerned; it is best to consider this at the outset because an
optimisation later on may prove fiendishly difficult.  In a new
system it is one of many factors to consider, but a structure that
makes good use of the cache may be more complicated, more redundant
and less 'natural' than its 'unoptimised' equivalent.

Optimising the instruction cache is is primarily about good design
methods: keep your code small, clean and straightforward.  Reuse
functions whereever possible and make sure your innermost loops
are fast and tight.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: maximse the use of cache in your code
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