MAS3507D MP3 decoder problems...

Hi all,

We are working with a Micronas MAS3507D MP3 decoder chip; it is interfaced to a Microchip PIC18F8720 for control (and MP3 data, temporarily). We're having timing issues with the chip in PIO-DMA (8-bit parallel input) mode. If anyone has experience with this chip, your response is appreciated. A detailed explanation of the problem follows, for those of you who this post applies to.

The PIC microcontroller must handshake with the MAS3507D (version F10) to transfer MP3 data to the parallel port. (We will eventually use a CompactFlash for data; for now, we're transferring a small MP3 file from the PIC's Flash memory itself.) We seem to be transferring data properly to the MAS3507D's parallel port using this handshake protocol, but we never see ANY data decoded on the I2S output pins. The SOI and SOC output pins are as expected (44.1kHz and ~1.4MHz, respectively), but the SOD stays low always. The chip is simply not decoding our MP3. If anyone has experience with this, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks very much, sdg12

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