MAS3507D MP3 Decoder IC - DC/DC converter question.

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Would any of the people out there using the MAS3507D MP3 decoder IC
from Micronas please answer the following question related to its
built-in DC/DC converter?

My question is:
If the DC/DC converter is not used at all, and the pins related to it
are connected as recommended in the MAS3507D datasheet; will the
output of the voltage sense monitor (i.e. the PUP output pin) still
work as expected?
DCEN pin is pull-down to ground, VDD and VSENSE are connected together
and the input voltage is 3.3V +/- 30mV.
My observation is that PUP remains low even after the applied input
voltage is stable.
Am I missing something?

One more question: Will a clock signal only appear at CLKOUT after
WSEN has been asserted?

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,

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