Learning about uCs (ARM7)

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I am looking to start learning about ARM uc.

I have chosen as a developer platform this board.

The board has a flash loader software on CD and also a bootloader (w/o
any Monitor, the bootloader is simple). The board has a 20 pin JTAG

Also, I would be using gnu tools.

1. Please suggest any JTAG ICE that is cheap and supports gdb.
2. Please suggest alternative way for source level debugging. Like any

Monitor or Redboot port for this board. How difficult would it be
porting redboot to this board.

3. THinking of building a MP3 player, i know it has been done a
thousand times before, but I think I can learn many things this way -
LCD Controllers, Serial Communication, interfacing external memory,
file systems etc . Would I need anything else by way of hardware to
accomplish this goal?


Re: Learning about uCs (ARM7)
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It got a SFIDE (44 pins), you can just add a couple of Gs of flash disk


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