GDB XScale IQ80321 - 'cannot set breakpoint 1'

Hi All

I have recently started playing with the Intel IQ80321 embedded I/O board. I am using the GNU toolchain. The host talks to this board through the RAVEN JTAG connector

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I am trying to run a simple embedded-hello-world-like code through the GNU debugger - GDB (for XScale). However whenever I download the code on the hardware and try to run it I get the message - Cannot insert breakpoint. The explanation in the GDB manual for this kind of an error assumes that the system is the usual desktop and the program being debugged is a user process, hence not applicable to my situation.

I have the following questions:

1) Is it a GDB problem? if yes any suggestions on getting around it! 2) Would this be some hardware issue? I am currently reading the manual. 3) The GDB program talks to a local socket application provided by the JTAG supplier, which translates GDB commands to JTAG signals. Would the JTAG interface be the problem?

If there is something obvious that I am not doing, please comment and advise!

thank you for your time!



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