Cogent CSB 337 Redboot support?

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The Cogent CSB337 ARM920 boards look promising for a very tight
schedule project that's been dumped on me, but I'm not familiar with
the micromonitor boot loader tool.

At first sight it looks as if it has no support for gdb (gdb stubs are
inbuilt to redboot) so has anyone ported redboot to this board?

Perhaps anyone using the board with the micromonitor tool could give
their comments?

The development environment is likely to be GNU/insight(or ddd) with
wiggler/raven clone.

Re: Cogent CSB 337 Redboot support?

Does the wiggler approach actually need any stubs in the embedded

I think the wiggler to gdb interface software accepts the gdb
commands (that you would usually send to the embedded stub via some
serial link) and drives the arm BDM hardware directly.

But I'm probably wrong ...

The micromonitor stuff actually looks quite cool!

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