lan91c96 diagnostics

Hi, I have a board - i want to test the ethernet chip on the board. the chip is lan91c96.

i have enabled promiscous mode. am able to recieve packets send by other systems.

if i send a packet with destination addess = broadcast address ; am not able to recieve the packet i have sent. why?.

i tried the following; 1) Self Address = Self Ethernet Mac ; Destination = 0xffffffffffff (broadcast address) 2) Self Address = Self Ethernet Mac ; Destination = Self Ethernet mac.

I dont know why i am not able to recieve the packets i tranmsit.

Any advices?.

Regards, sriram

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I have worked on lan91c111. In this controller, there is a FDUPLX bit in the transmit control register that needs to be set if the controller has to receive the frames sourced by itself. If this bit is not set, the frames generated by itself will not be received. I guess this is what is happening in your case.

This bit as per my understanding, does not specify the half/full duplex operation.

Check if u have this particular control bit in your controller data sheet.

rgds venky

Ram wrote:

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Hi, i am using LAN91C96. I have set this bit FDUPLX In TCR Register and it is not working.

I am not able to recieve the packets i have sent.

I have set destination address = Broadcast address.

any ideas or pointers?.

Regards, sriram

venky wrote:

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