Java for digital camera?

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Hi guys,
There are any advantages(economically speaking) to put a Java chip
into a digital camera(or a photo device)?
I know the whole story with Java(reliable,portable,etc..) but i need
to hear only the market related advantages.

best regards,
Marius Stoian

Re: Java for digital camera?

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Sure, for SUN. And maybe the Chipmaker of the "Java chip".

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Interesting stories you know.
Do you also know Stories of Marketdruids ?

Raymund Hofmann

Re: Java for digital camera?
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Why a Java chip? Why not just leverage an ARM7 or ARM9 core?

This was attempted - achieved actually - by one of the biggish names
in DSCs a couple of years ago. They used a software implementation.
The phones in question had an optional wireless modem attachment. It
was kind of a different route to the same appliance we have today, the
camera-cellphone. They demonstrated it at CES in 2000 or 99. They were
kind of hazy about the actual practical application of being able to
run Java applets on a DSC - they demonstrated a couple of games, and
they talked vaguely about vertical market applications, but I never
heard of the product after the show.

Of course, most (all?) of today's camera-phones have a 32-bit core
capable of running a JVM, and most of them have a software JVM AFAIK.
Can't see the reason to add cost with a Java chip when the software
JVM is fast enough.

Re: Java for digital camera?
I don't think that any of these ( ) devices are using
"Gig's of ram".

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