IDT 7130 Dual Port Ram help

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I am interfacing IDT with 8051 controller on both sides.
The left sides only writes while the right side only reads the data.

I have made the following wiring
OE_    -- manually toggled by 8051 port bit
r/w_   -- connected to wr_ of 8051
ce_    -- connected to rd_ of 8051
busy_  -- connected to Vcc
INT_   -- connected to Vcc

I get problem when i read the data. i am not reading the same location
at the same time. Instead i first write all the locations from
0000h - 03ffh .By that time the reading controller is in a delay loop
I am able to read first 60 locations ,however the upper locations give
wrong value .i output the vaues on hyperterminal.
If i read the individual upper locations ,i can read it,so it is
probably not a write problem
Now if i refresh the values ,that is if i re-write the locations again
after a certain delay ,the values outputted are correct.

What can be the possible problem ,is it a timming problem??
My RD_ pulse is 250nsec and CE_ pulse is 3 Microseconds.

Please help me .


Re: IDT 7130 Dual Port Ram help

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Leave busy and INT unconnected, tie CE_ to port bit of 8051 and OE_ to rd_
of 8051...


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