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Hi All, I am getting the following error in code warrior while linking a small program. I am using HC08 edition. "L1822 : Symbol _IDIVS is undefined". My code is as follows. int i,j; i = i/j; I think the compiler generates the object code with the _IDIVS symbol. But the Linker is not able to link this symbol. I know, I can eliminate this by linking using ansi.lib file. But due to my memory size limitation, I can't use any lib files. So how to over ride this problem. Any idea?. Is there any compiler or linker settings is available to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance Shibu

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  1. Don't use division.
  2. If you have to use it, consider multiplicating by reciprocal instead.
  3. If this doesn't fit, write your own _IDIVS function and link it in.


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Vadim Borshchev

Your choices are:

1) Remove all division from your program. 2) Link in ansi.lib. 3) Write your own division routine and call that rather than using the / operator.

I would suggest option 2. If the only thing you are using in ansi.lib is _IDIVS (and CodeWarrior is a reasonable system for embedded development), that should be the only routine taken from the library. Any routine you write yourself is likely to be both larger and wrong.



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Dave Hansen

You can write your own _IDIVS function.


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John Speth

This looks rather strongly like an overly strong conclusion. You want that routine, and that library is where that routine is, so by all means you should use it.

Unless your toolset is broken beyond all imagination, which I'm quite sure it's not, just allowing it to use a library will not all by itself cause any waste of code memory. It's just a library, after all.

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Hans-Bernhard Broeker

Unless you write a special-purpose assembly routine (maybe with the HC08's native 'DIV' instruction ,) you have to write or use a library

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Wade Hassler

Did you check what the linker includes besides _idivs ? If it only takes _idivs, I doubt you can do any better, except avoiding div !

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42Bastian Schick

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