hc908 development kit.

EASY08 is a development system thought for the designers of systems based on the family of microcontroller HC908 of Motorola.

The EASY08 takes advantage of the functions ISP (In-System Programming) and ICS (In-Circuit Simulation) of these processors to program their flash memory and to allow the simulation of the program in real time.

Next to other programs, like CodeWarrior or the assemblers of P&E Micro, EASY08 provides to the developer of all the tools necessary successfully to carry out all the stages of development, including: edition of the code, assembled or compilation, engraving of the flash and simulation of the program in the same plate where the final version will run. This type of simulation, in real time, at the authentic speed of micro allows to verify that as much software as the hardware behaves as it had been planned. The EASY08 connects to a PC through a port series RS232 and to the plate that micro through an interface contains type MON08 with a flat cable of 20 threads. Optionally, the microcontrollers can record outside the used circuit the plate programmer who comes including.

Main characteristics EASY08 are:

=B7Execution of the code in real time with no need of expensive emulators.

=B7Purification of the program in the same plate where the definitive version will run.

=B7Joint verification of the program and the hardware.

=B7Programming of the Flash without clearing micro of the circuit, anyone is their encapsulation.

=B7Plate of plug-in Programming.

=B7Automatic generation of Vtst for the recording of the Flash.

=B7Compatibility with Code Warrior de Metrowerks and Win-IDE of P&E Micro

Kit complete so that it begins to develop his own applications with the microcontrollers of the family HC08 who includes the following elements:

  • Kit EASY08

  • Plate Programmer (allows to record Gp32/GP20/JK1/JK3/JK8/JL3/JL8/QTx/QYx

  • cable MON08

  • Power supply

  • Manual of User

  • CD of Installation

  • Microcontroller HC908 DEMO

If it wishes to receive more information about this product it can contact to us to snipped-for-privacy@ingenieria-inversa.com.ar


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