Free C compiler for MOTOROLA HC08

Hi everybody, I'm looking for a free C compiler for HC08. I found SDCC, but the generated code is... bad... VERY bad... Any ideas ?


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Hi! I would like to introduce you a new alternative SDCC port for Motorola HC08 / HC908. It generates good and stabil code. It is different from the main line of the SDCC HC08, and far adead .

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Jozsef Sarosi SDCC-M08 Port SDCC-M08 is a free port of the well known SDCC C compiler for Motorola



as-m08.exe : Asxxxx Assembler link-m08.exe : Asxxxx Linker sdcc.exe - C compiler sdcpp.exe - C preprocessor Features:

"Premier" state On-hardware-tested demo (>64k) Integral types: signed/unsigned bit, char, int, short, long and float Periferial bit accesss Bit fields in structures Parameters passed in registers Memory models: near/far RAM, FLASH Translates for concurrent enviroment Reentrant library with float math, sin, cos, etc. Add-on-s:

Deb08 monitor: assembly source (step, step over, disassembler) (free from

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PONY monitor (free from L3 Systems, Inc.)


Developers' Notes: Find usefull hints here!

(Page topics: SDCC, Motorola, 68HC08, HC08, HC908, free C compiler, ASxxxx assembler) Presented by Jozsef Sarosi Mail: sdccm08 (AT) Last updated: 2004.03.22

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