Flash-diskdrive via RS232

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Can anyone give me a suggestion about the following problem?

I need to store data on an external disk via a file-based interface
(open_file, getch(), putch(), etc.).

I was thinking about a using Flash-disk, but the only HW-interface I've got
is a RS-232 port.

So, I'm looking for a flash-disk with an RS232-interface on which 'normal'
file-based functions can be executed.

Thanks for your suggestions!

J. Hiddink.

Re: Flash-diskdrive via RS232
If this is your product, then you can perhaps make your own.  A low-cost AVR
could act as a protocol converter, turning "UART" into SPI, MMC, CF, or

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Re: Flash-diskdrive via RS232

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Maybe you can use a USB to Serial converter IC together with a USB
Flash Disk ? Speed might be a problem. Bit toggled SPI might be faster
to something like Atmels dataflash ICs.


Re: Flash-diskdrive via RS232

A USB to serial converter are slave devices only. PC being master.

An USB master device for embedded systems is still unavilable.

Anton Erasmus wrote:
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Re: Flash-diskdrive via RS232
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You might be interested in TERN's FlashCore-B product:


CF-interface, 2 RS-232 ports, and a FAT12/16 filesystem, for $99 qnty.

It's C/C++ programmable, but a serial-only interface is also available
if you want to stay away from programming the board (although we
strongly suggest that you give it a try and take advantage of the

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