hi guys i m third year student of electronics engg .for fianal year i choose embedded systems field for my project . plz suggest me some example of embedded systems project

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Mars Lander.

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Tom Lucas

Solar Lander


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martin griffith

Judging by the literacy of this post, may I suggest a 1Hz optical time indicating device (flashing LED).


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I bort my mobl phne 2 yrs an nw I cnt writ prply, it mks me tlk fny n sa alsrts of stuf, wot cn I do?

God, i hate bloody mobile phones, someone's once went in their cup of coffee, it was worth the £100 just for the reaction :D

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Don't tell me the ring tone of the Death March or the strangulated frog went off just one too many times.

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Paul Carpenter

Well, my employer deems a dual processor, dual-core 2.8GHz Xeon server packing 16Gb RAM and 12 Tbytes of FC RAID, running Linux 2.6 as an embedded system, but you may want to start with something simpler.


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Deep Reset

It did, poor guy in sales with his new ring tone. Made my CRT monitor keep on shaking!!

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Better A device that goes between the Key Board and PC. If it detects an SMS sequence. It inserts a correct number of backspaces and the correct word. A very do-able project.

I answer to the question.

You need to get a definition of embedded system.

You question reads like I need to make a motorized vehicle, what kind should I make. The answer could be a scooter or a bus.

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Also called a sensorless car alarm system.

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Anton Erasmus

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