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I am new to the networking side of embedded systems. I have to develop a driver for an ethernet sub-system. Just need to know where to start from. What are the resources I can refer to?

wr, Sid

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1) The datasheet for the Ethernet controller. 2) The documentation on your OS's network stack/drive API. 3) Other Ethernet drivers for the same OS.
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As you havn't mentioned anything about your platform or OS so people can just guess for your problem. If you are planing to use some controller with built-in TCP/IP stack/library then it would be quite easy to provide an Ethernet interface in fairly short time. On the host part (if its PC) an ordinary socket app would be enough to talk to your device unless you need a driver for special tricks, filtering etc. etc.

Anyway, for windows like system the best place to start would be WDM (windows driver model ) , checkout this newsgroup . And, for pre 2.6 *nix

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like systems a loadable module would do that, where as livin in 2.6 requires you to write KLM (kernel loadable module
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) which is quite different from 2.4 or less.


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