Ethernet Controller Basics

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   I have been asked to study about SMSC ethernet controller.
I am going through the data sheet and am not understanding anything.

So, I wanted to know what is a ethernet controller and how does it work
to start with.

I browsed the internet and could not find useful information for
newbies like me.

Does any one know any resources on ethernet controller for a layman ?.

How it works and how to configure one to suit ur ends with lots of

This is my first embeedded project.

Please help.


Re: Ethernet Controller Basics

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The SMC datasheets are rather good in explaining the basics.
They tell about how the packets come into and
out of the chip. There are buffers that can be used.
Together with an intro into TCP/IP it should be sufficient.
The TCP/IP basics tell how the packets look like.

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Re: Ethernet Controller Basics

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Re: Ethernet Controller Basics
Great site - just what I needed to get to a quick shortlist, then feel
a little more comfortable about the approach I was taking.
On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 20:38:56 +1000, "Joe G \(Home\)"

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