eMMC CSD Register ECC field

Anyone here knowledgeable about eMMC memory?

I have a high reliability application where there is concern about memory corruption. What would happen if I changed the ECC field in the eMMC's Card Specific Data (CSD) register from the default no ECC to the optional BCH(542,512) encoding? Would I still be able to write/read new values to the eMMC normally with the eMMC internally protecting the contents with BCH ECC at the cost of reduced memory capacity, or would a special driver on the host be needed to encode/decode ECC reads/writes?

I've asked around and haven't found a definitive answer so far. Let me know if you can help ... Buzz

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Buzz McCool
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Asked around? Why not consult the standard? From there I gather that eMMC devices may implement internal ECC (that is why the DEVICE_ECC_ FAILED status exists) and that the "ECC" configuration field may be used for external ECC. If nonzero, your driver should handle the ECC encoding/decoding.

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