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Hi all,

I am facing a very strange problem using BD32 VER 1.2 (Scott).

We are using 68332 Motorola Micro Controller for a CPU card.
We are using BOOT ROM FLASH of 512Kbytes, 8 bit device (AMD29F040) .
This device is mapped from 0x00000 to 0x7FFFE.
When we connect BD32 and power on by loading boot configuration
file(Sim file for regs initialization of MC68332) in to the BD32.We
are not able to access address from 0x00000 to 0x007FE.
It does not generate any chip select in this range(I observed it with
a logic probe),Instead it shows some instructions data in this range.
At the same time we are able to access locations from 0x800 to
0x7FFFE of Boot Flash and able to see csboot  and flash contents as
0xFFFF .

If I donot load any sim file and try to access 0x0000 onwards it is
generating csboot and i am able to see erased flash locations as

We are not facing  this problem with other tool like vision probe-II/
vision click 7.0.

Any clue /pointer will be highly appreciated..

thanks in advance

ppcdesign group

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