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I have a query.I am a freah engineering graduate and have 2 job
offers.One is with LG Electronics Korea where I 'll be working in
korea as a software Engineer in Embedded systems exclusively at their
research labs .And second job is witha large software firm by the name
of TCS who has a global presence and where probably I'll be exposed to
technologies like Java /VB etc.I m in a deleima reagarding which one
to take up.Since all of u guys have industry experience ..kindly
suggest me something


Re: Embedded vs java
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Well, those of us in comp.arch.embedded would definitely choose the embedded
system job. Those in other newsgroups would choose the other. It depends on
what you are most interested in. And just because you aren't exposed to some
technology at work, doesn't mean you can't learn about it on your own time.

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