Embedded USB webcam IDENTIFIER hardware

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Hi, I need to develop a embedded hardware (with a FPGA, example Xilinx(R)
Spartan-3AN FPGA) capable of IDENTIFY what kind of USB web cam is
plugged-in (example webcam manufacturer, speed, data transfer rate, etc.),
the USB will work with USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 (not USB 2.0) so a USB 2.0 web
cam will work at USB 1.1. Due this is a embedded design, no computer
interaction is required (this means that the USB web cam will not be
plugged-in to a computer).

Any idea about it

Thanks in advanced.

Re: Embedded USB webcam IDENTIFIER hardware

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1) This is an embedded processor task, not an FPGA task.  Find one
with USB host mode, or
use a SPI-controllable USB host chip

2) Your best bet is to query the VID/PID and look it up in a database
to determine the other parameters

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