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I wonder who might offer a development kit for bluetooth including flash and interface for own circuits ? I need to build measurement gathering system with 2-3 pcs of clients gathering measurement of tachometer information and send it to one common host and further on to the screen. Host would be standard class 1 BT usb dongle and visual basic application connected to the virtual com port. BT profile for serial cable offers virtual com port nicely.

In client end I need to to add some simple logic and of course software to get measurement values. Maybe internal/external a/d needed. The nature of the project is demonstration so I would prefer using quite sophisticed development kit rather than customized pcb.

I noticed that Widcomm offers closely what I want but their solution requires external microcontroller though they have ready made Atmel drivers keeping it simple.Any other options to consider ? CSR has something to offer also but it is kind of end user model with case and everything.

Br JJ jjj@ NOSPAM .iki.fi

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In the May issue of Circuit Cellar magazine there is a good article on embedded Bluetooth solutions. See also

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Cheers, Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM : The mixed signals experts
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