SPI-EEPROM read problem

hello members

I'm looking for some sample codes that interface TMS320F2812 with a SPI-EEPROM.

The EEPROM I'm using is from Microchip and has a "1024 x 8-bit organization " and "16 byte page "

I'm using some sample codes from TI themselves that actually implement the read and write function without page wrapping. That runs as is on my Dev. Board. I've been able to tamper with the current routines take care of page wrapping whilst writing into the EEPROM. But this has resulted in me not being able to read any data at all. I've no clue of what has gone wrong as i havent tampered with the original read routines at all.

Will appreciate if someone can share any C routines they have written to get this working.

thanks heaps


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