Delphi and windows CE

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I have a simple application and i'dlike to migrate it under WINDOWS,
can't I?
Alessandro Tesi

Re: Delphi and windows CE
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Alessandro, you'll need to be a good deal more specific. Also, there are
newsgroups deducted to Windows CE related development issues.

Re: Delphi and windows CE
Not easily. Borland does not do CE. This is very unfortunate for all of
us in the Delphi and C++Builder community.

Tom Woodrow

Alessandro wrote:
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Re: Delphi and windows CE
RR [29 Jun 2003 12:43:57 -0700]:
 >runs little or big endian, it may depend on the processor used.

CE is always little endian (or whatever x86-end is).  Too was
Alpha, MIPS and PPC when Windows did them.  Did Windows do PPC?

There's really no way Borland would do a CE compiler.  Wasted
effort, for one.

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Re: Delphi and windows CE
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the absolutely grate part about DOTNET ist the 32MByte Runtime module
that has to be loaded in addition to the application and the OS.

How much memory does your target have ? 8MBytes ? too bad.

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