Conveying const pointer from 8051 C to ASM


Following code snippet:

------------C PROGRAM---------------------------

const unsigned int code TABLE1[4] = {1,2,3,4}; //constants stored in flash const unsigned int code TABLE2[4] = {5,6,7,8}; const unsigned int code TABLE3[4] = {44,33,44,33};

unsigned int *TableStart;

void main (void) {

TableStart = &TABLE1[0]; //get address of TABLE1[0] int_isr(); TableStart = &TABLE2[0]; int_isr(); TableStart = &TABLE3[0]; int_isr();


------------ASM PROGRAM---------------------------

EXTRN DATA (TableStart)

int_isr: mov A, #0 ;I want first byte in TABLEx mov DPTR, #TableStart ;get address of TABLEx mov A, @A+DPTR ;put first table value into ACC reti



My aim is to dynamically send a TableStart address from a C program into an ASM interrupt handler (in my example above the ISR is called direct for the purposes of my question - I would normally connect int_isr to a real interrupt, with the C program "stuck" in a while(1) loop).

The result of the code above is that, in int_isr, the DPTR will end up with the address (in RAM) of the TableStart pointer. Instead, I want it to contain the contents of TableStart (which is the start address of the table). How can I achieve this?

Thank you Jack

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"Jack" schreef in bericht news:

Should that be something like MOVC A,@A+DPTR ;put first table value into ACC

MOVC, to fetch something from code memory.

Thanks, Frank.
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Frank Bemelman

In addition you must save and restore your DPTR contents in the isr.

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Thank you - refer to my response in article with subject = "Using "mov DPTR, #data16" in 8051 ASM"

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Anything wrong with:

mov DPTR, TableStart ; note the removal of the #



(I haven't coded the 8051 in a while, so bear with me)

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Rufus V. Smith

  1. There is only one instruction loading the whole DPTR. It loads the 16 bit (immediate) constant from the instruction. The 8051 assembler marks immediate constants with a '#'.
  2. If there were an instruction like you showed, it should load the 16 bit data from the first two bytes of TableStart.
  3. To load a variable into DPTR, use:

mov DPH, high_ptr mov DPL, low_ptr


Tauno Voipio tauno voipio (at) iki fi

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Tauno Voipio

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