CCD or CMOS for Camera

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Is there anyone who knows camera sensor (either CCD or CMOS) that could be
succesfully used for fast applications (2 or 3 meters/sec) keeping a good
focus also for 0,5 meters?


Re: CCD or CMOS for Camera
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Meters/second doesn't provide a meaningful measure of "fast", in this

For a camera, the definition of "fast" is in frames/second, and
possibly in shutter opening time per frame.  The relation between a
"frame" and a "meter" is entirely up to the optics and mechanical
setup.  E.g. looking at an object moving at 2 m/s using a 5 cm
field-of-view would require at least

    (2 m/s) / (0.05 m/frame) = 40 frame/s

which might well be too much for most off-the-shelf cameras.  Doing
the same thing for a FOV of 10 meters away would drop that requirement
to 1 frame every 5 seconds, which is trivial.

Exposition time controls how much motion blur you get looking at a
fast moving object.  Increasing the illumination will typically allow
to reduce it quite a lot.
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