Books on LoRa(WAN)?


I'm looking for a book to get a bit into LoRa and LoRaWAN. Should be in French, English or German. Any recommendations?

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Philipp Klaus Krause
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I got a copy of _Beginning LoRa Radio Networks with Arduino_ a few years back when I was thinking of siting some "remotes" out in the yard and didn't want to deal with the perils of running cable (think "lightning strikes").

But, like most "use-some-COTS-module-to-build-a-product", it seems to be more of a "how-to" than being very thick on detail/technology. Almost like "for hobbyists" (no disrespect intended, just my attempt at trying to give you an idea of the "depth" of coverage)

I guess it will depend on whether you're looking to develop the technology, buy it (and apply it) or just "get something working".

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Don Y

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