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Can any one suggest me a good book on embedded system?

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Your question is way to vague. However, many online book shops include reviews. Alternatively try here:

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Regards, Richard.

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"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S Thompson, because it's the best book about anything, ever.


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Walter Banks


Embedded Primer by David E.Simon Programming Emb.Systems in C/C++ by Michel Barr.


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This on-line book carries Jack Ganssle's reccomendation as a grea introduction to micros in general even though it bases itself on the 6805

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Advert Alert! My book "Excel by Example : A Microsoft Excel Cookbook for Electronic Engineers" published by Elsevier/Newnes ISBN 0750677562 covers many topic pertinent to embedded design. It includes chapters on baud rate selection counting machine cycles, 8052 register setup and associated topics lik character generation, resistor value calculation for voltag references/regulators and other electronic functions. It also include topics on interfacing Excel to external instrumentation through the seria and parallel ports.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

-Aubrey Kagan

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Yes, it's a great book, albeit somewhat dated from the 1990s. There's = even a reference in it to a mainframe computer's using punched = (Hollerith IBM) cards as input, for jogging our memories!

I started two weeks ago in adapting it for the HCS08 as a part-time = project and hope to have it done soon. All of the obsolete HC05 = references and source code will be updated to the MC9S08QG8 and = CodeWarrior stationery files. That particular chip was chosen because = the Freescale/TechOnline's VirtuaLab features it and Axiom has a demo = QG8 EVB available for around $65, including its FedExing. Confer the =

8-bit MCU section on for purchasing the EVB, if anyone is = interested.=20

In the process, I came across the following syntax for forming a bit = mask. Consider this from the manual (page 161):

****************************************************************** In the M68HC05 instruction set, the bit manipulation instructions are of = the form

xxxx 14 08

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Gary Schnabl

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