Blackfin DSP SDRAM Memory

Hey All,

I have a Blackfin 533 EZKit. I have ahd great success with every peripheral except the SDRAM.

The doccumentation states that the SDRAM bus is automatically configured so long as the auto-configure box is checked under Target Options(which it is)

I must be oversimplifying this because now the SDRAM should be memory mapped from 0x0000 0000 to 0x07FF FFFF, but when I try to write to

0x0000 0000 and then read from it, I get undefined data back. It will change from one attempt to the next. I usually get 0x0C or 0x90.

If I try to use DMA to write a small array into memory, I get a DMA error. I can't seem to find where the errors are further defined as more than just DMA error.

If I veiw the memory using the Memory Viewer, the memory shows 33 CC

33 CC....

I saw that someone else once had a problem with this and it was solved by downloading an update. Before I upgraded to version 3.5, the EZKit would send nothing but errors if I tried to access SDRAM. At least that is fixed now.

So does anyone know the correct procedure for performing a write/read to the SDRAM on the Blackfin 533 EZKit?

I will be eternally grateful



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Rob Reed
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I'd call 1-800-ANALOG-D and ask their tech support. Wish I could help you, but my SDRAM simply works, and I don't know why :-)

Did you start with a current project or did you start from scratch?

--Keith Brafford

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Keith Brafford

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