ATTiny11 and fuses

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A co-worker has device that can burn a hex file into an Atmel
ATTiny11.  How can the fuse bits be set in the hex file?  (this is
normally done in a different tab in AVR Studio)  I imagine the fuses
would be set or cleared by an .org statement in the assembly file, but
I can't find an address to "org" to in the datasheet.  The fuse bits
are:  FSTRT, RSTDISBL and CKSEL2..0.
thanks for your help,
Matt Meerian

Re: ATTiny11 and fuses
I'm replying to my own question.  Since someone else could have this
question in the future, here is what has been found out:  There
doesn't seem to be anyway to embed the fuse settings in the hex file.
In our BP programmer: when the ATTiny11 microcontroller is selected,
radio buttons allow the fuses to be set.
Matt Meerian (Matt Meerian) wrote in message
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