C++ on 68HC9S12

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I have a new 68HC9S12 project, and am considering the use of C++.  This
particular micro has 64KB Flash, 4KB RAM.  The application is not
particularly taxing, just a basic I/O controller getting commands over an
I2C link to another micro.  The Metrowerks tools support C++ on this micro,
and have a flavor called "compact C++" to help reduce memory requirements.
A simple question; has anyone tried using C++ on this size micro, and what
was your experience?   I'd prefer to stay away from language debates, I'm
just interested in whether or not this can be done.


Paul Kinzer
Quad/Tech Inc.

Re: C++ on 68HC9S12
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If they sell the compiler, and it compiles and the program runs, then the
question is moot.

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