STK500 and ATTiny11

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(My apologies if this has appeared twice, my local news server doesn't
seem to be posting messages to the outside world)
I've been trying to program an ATTiny11 from a STK500 development
board.  The source code was created using assembly.  On the STK500,
the 6 pin header (ISP6PIN) is connected to the SPROG1 header using the
6 pin ribbon cable.  The ATTiny11 is in the SCKT3400D1 socket.  The
Reset line (on portE) is going to PB5 and the XT1 (on portE) pin is
going to PB3. (The help file said to this using the jumper cables that
came with the STK500)  The programming mode is set to parallel/high
voltage serial. This is the error message from AVR studio 4.07.
    Setting device parameters, parallel programming mode ..OK
    Entering programming mode.. OK
    Erasing device.. OK
    Programming FLASH using block mode..       FAILED!
    Leaving programming mode.. FAILED!
Obviously, the program is not being loaded in the ATTiny11.  Any ideas
what could cause the programming to fail?  (I've tried several
different ATTiny11's)
Matt Meerian

Re: STK500 and ATTiny11

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Running 3 Volt instead of 5 Volt is one example.

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