Atmel STK500 beginner Flash mem verification problem

Hi, hopefully a simple overlooked issue!

I have borrowed a STK500 kit from a colleague and I'm attempting to download a simple program to the 8515 device. I get the following in the message window:

Erasing device.. OK Programming FLASH using block mode.. OK Reading FLASH using block mode.. OK WARNING: FLASH contents differs from file.. FAILED! Leaving programming mode.. OK

A similar message is shown in a pop-up window. I have checked all jumpers on the board and the cable is connected between ISP6PIn and SPROG3. What else should I check?

Many Thanks

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Use the STK500 app to check the fuse settings for the clock as well as the board speed and voltage levels on the appropiate tabs.

On the "advanced" tab do a "read signature." This is a quick way to tell if the link back from the STK500 is happy.

If you don't get a good readback of the signature then the observed values of the fuses are questionable. Fortunately, with the STK500 you can also use parallel programming mode with the 8515. Set it up for parallel and do the read signature, read fuse drill.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

err, hmmm, yep found it. I find that selecting the correct controller helps in these situations. :) I had selcted the 8535 and not the 8515!!

Doh! etc...

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I found that having a PC serial port connected to the same lines used for device serial programming causes miscompares also.

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Craig Ruff

Rich and Craig,

Thanks for your replies. I have the board up and running now.

Thanks again

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