Quartus II 4.1 Problem

Hi folks,

I'm facing one problem that is driving me crazy...

The error is the following:

Error: JTAG ID code specified in JEDEC STAPL Format File does not match any valid JTAG ID codes for device.

I'm using one ALtera University Program with ByteBlaster MV Cable on a Windows XP machine.

This is my first project in FPGA... I read almost everithing about ByteBlaster and Quartus II configuration, and nope...

My cable is installed, and everytinh else...

Thank you very much in advance.

JL Martins

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Jos? Luiz Martins
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Make sure you selected the exact correct device. OTOMH, some old UP boards have two devices (cpld + fpga) and a switch to select which one is hooked to the JTag connector... There is a command to scan the JTag chain.

Jos? Luiz Mart> Hi folks,

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Bert Cuzeau

Thank you Bert !

I did the configuration as detailed on Altera's documentation for this board and nope...

I even replaced the current device to another good one.

I can detect what device is present, but nothing else.

Thank you ,

JL Martins

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Jos? Luiz Martins

Are you using the UP3? I use it with a Win2k machine on serial port COM1 and it works fine. Make sure you put the JTAG connector into the right plug and select the correct device.



Jos? Luiz Mart> Hi folks,

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Chris Menz

Hi Jose,

You need to be more specific.

- what mode did you activate ? JTag ? Active serial ?

- What exact device are you targeting ?

- What device is selected in your project ?

- what did the scan chain command "Auto-detect" return ?

- Which file (extension) do you use for programming ?

- Are you sure you have only one single line in the table ?

- What option did you activate on the programmer widow ?

- What is the exact error message you got ?

qpf & qsf files are small and readable, you can cut and paste to an email. btw : Version 4.2 has been out for a while, no reason not to use it.

In doubt, create a trivial design : couple of lines in vhdl with a blinking LED, clock and reset. Do this in an empty drectory and go all the way down to programming.


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I ran this by a device programming expert at Altera, and from this error message, he thinks the device you are using does not agree with the JAM file you're using.

Here is the cause and action for the message from the Quartus II online help:

CAUSE: You directed the Programmer to configure the specified device.

However, the Programmer cannot successfully configure the device because

the JTAG ID code for the specified target device does not match any of

the valid ID codes for the device. This problem occurs when the target

device's location on the circuit board does not match the device's

location in the device chain in a Chain Description File (.cdf), as

displayed in the Programmer window.

ACTION: Make sure the target device's location on the circuit board

matches the device's location in the device chain as displayed in the

Programmer window.

Hope this helps.

Vaughn [v b e t z (at) altera.com]

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Vaughn Betz

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