ATMega48 I2C bus issues

Hi all!

I'm building a small project, involving I2C communication. One side of the communicating partners is an ATMega48, the other is a PC, using the printer port to bit-bang the bus. The PC is the master, the ATMega is the slave. After much fiddling around with the TWI interface in that chip (rant saved for another time ;-)) I got it working in almost all cases. However I have a problem:

If I end the communication on the PC side with a stop-bit, I'll have to wait around 50ms before I can start the next transmission. If I don't do that, the AVR just wouldn't recognize its address and would not respond. If I remove the stop bit (thus starting the next packet with a restart condition) all is fine. If I wait long enough between packets, all is fine.

Has anyone send this? Any pointer what do I do wrong?

Thanks, Andras Tantos

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Andras Tantos
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