Embedded TCP/IP on small micros with SMTP & 802.11

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Micronet - the TCP/IP stack from COMSOL whose low memory overhead makes it
ideal for use with 8-32 bit embedded micros has recently been enhanced.  New
Protocols are available to support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
and Wireless Ethernet 802.11b.

The new SNMP option is memory-efficient (8Kbytes for 8051) and provides SNMP
v1 or SNMP v2 to connect to managed networks.

The Wireless Ethernet option supports the IEEE 80.11b protocol, allowing the
TCP/IP stack to be integrated into Wi-Fi systems operating at 2.4 GHz with
data rates of up to 11Mbit/s. The initial release supports the Intersil
Prism 2.5 wireless MAC.

As well as adding the 68HCS12, MSP430 and dsPIC to the long list of 8- and
16-bit chips that can run MicroNet, a version is now available to support
the increasing number of single-chip ARM CPUs.

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