about mpc5200b MSCAN driver

Hi, i have been writting driver for mpc5200b MSCAN device. I want CAN1 send data to CAN2. I set all the MSCAN ID Mask Registers of CAN2 to 0xFF. But CAN2 can not receive any data from CAN1.There's even no any Receiver Full Interrupt(I can assure I enabled it).

I think CAN1 send data successfully, because I always check MSCAN Transmit Error Counter Register of the CAN1, it is 0. And I always recieve Transmitter Buffer Empty Interrupt from CAN1 after I send data out.

I have looked up every materials as possible as I can. But I still can not understand why CAN2 can not get any data.

Please give me some help if you know.


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I would suggest using a scope to look at the TX pin on the transmitter to verify that data is coming out. Then use it on the RX pin on the slave to make sure data is seen on that. If you see signals on them, you have done something wrong in your driver. If you see data on TX but not on the RX of the receiver, you might want to check the lines of the transceivers to see if the signals are making it to the bus. Make sure your bus is terminated on both ends.

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