90LS8515 program reading problem

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I got back from the field an application containing an Atmel AT90LS8515
processor. It looks sort of dead, but sometimes it acts as if it wants
to live by doing some of the tasks it is intended to do.
When verifying the program memory, no differences are encoutered.
When reprogramming the processor, the system acts completely OK again.
Comparison of the uploaded hex-file before and after reprogramming gives
no differences either.

Can anybody explain me what has gone wrong? Thanks for all input!


Re: 90LS8515 program reading problem
Stating the obvious I know but have you checked the oscillator is starting
up reliably?

I've had similar problems with the 90S8515, in my case the capacitors around
the crystal were the wrong value. Damn 8050 chip caps don't have the value
printed on them, easy to mix up but a bitch to track the problem down..

hope it helps


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