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If anyone is interested in 8051 code, this book is now downloadable for free.

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I explained the ramifications of using a some one else's trade mark. I explained the changes in Keil (an ARM company) over the last 4 years and how that affected the (implied) agreement he thought he had with Reinhard Keil. There was nothing malevolent about it. I was trying to be helpful but he would not listen. He shot the messenger.

I have not done anything else so I fail to see how that closed his web site.

I suspect that some one blew the whistle on Murray to Keil-ARM )No! It was not me) and he has been asked to remove the Trademark.

What you should all realise is that people (usually support engineers) from virtually all the embedded companies lurk here. They rarely if ever post and apart from Ulf (Atmel) and Walter (Bytecraft) they do not use company email addresses. Some also use false names as they are well known ny their customers.

Just for reference Murray, it was NOT a community asset. It was a commercial site selling software. I have a commercial web site for my business (selling software) and a personal one that gives SW away.

The biggest problem was not the web site per-say but the attitude of the owner.

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