saving variable values from Keil 8051 C compiler

Hello list, Thank you for bothering to read my posting on this group. I just have one query and I would like if anybody of you answered it. I have been using the Keil 8051 C Compiler for some time now. In one of the programs I am having the output in a 2500 elements array and it seems that Keil doesn't show results of arrays beyond the 106th element or something like that. So my query is that, is there any way i can save or even see the results for later use? Though it would be better if I could save the results to the disk for later analysis. Any help would be welcomed in this regard and again thank you for reading this posting.

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Which mirocontroller are you using?

Does it have enough RAM?

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Maybe you have put it in the CPU memory (probably 256 bytes)?

If you really have it in auxilixiary RAM, and cannot see it, just declare some subarrays at addresses of the startaddress of the arrary

  • 100 bytes (or words or whatever), that will give you the possibility to look into it. Each array will cover a range of 100 bytes. But I think Keil being one of the better compilers should support it?

Regards, Pieter Hoeben

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You're using enough unusual terms without further explaination in this query that it's quite impossible to understand what it is you're asking.

In particular:

1) what "output" is it you're talking about? 2) what is the "result of [an] array" supposed to be? 3) why would the _compiler_ have anything to do with "showing" it? 4) where are you planning to "save" it to?
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