6750 Errors due to missing ID-Block

Hi, I received a couple of RCM 6750 Modules. At some I got the following errormessages:

line 19 : WARNING SYSCONFIG.LIB : _DC_CLK_DBL_ should always be defined, but was not defined:

line 20 : WARNING SYSCONFIG.LIB : Defined _DC_CLK_DBL_ to 0 (disabled clock doubler recommendation).

line 27 : ERROR BOARDTYPES.LIB : No ID Block found on the target board.

line 28 : ERROR BOARDTYPES.LIB : Please contact Rabbit Technical Support at

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for assistance.

I looked for a solution and found this code for rewriting the ID-Block:

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I filled in the defines for RCM6750 and compiled the code. I received the following warning and got a timeout, because of no targetresponse.

line 514 : WARNING MEMORY_LAYOUT.LIB : XMEMCODE_SIZE redefined to prevent ID+User blocks area conflict.

For that, I can't find a solution. Do you guys know a solution to fix it?

Thanks for your help!


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