Warwick Amp tech info ?

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Any leads to info on Warwick Tubepath 5.1 500W amplifier or any info on
probably NPN TOP66 size devices marked
Warwick WA
I assume 0340 on the line beneath is datecode for 2003

Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?
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I was misspelling as warrick, good info on
and so WA = 2SC5200 it would seem

Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?

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Goggle says that link is busted ...


Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?
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Thats Goolie for you.
Soft blown 2x 630mA fuses for +/-15V lines so about 1 amp failure due to
someone throwing beer at and into the front switch and pot area and "smoke"
emanating before failure. No source of smoke found yet ,unless from inside
of a pot, would beer give off smoke in its final stages of "frying" ?
Metal pot shafts and metal knobs so springs under knobs , for safety or for
reducing crackle on turning or both ?

Very clear schema etc and compact 300K pdf
other manuals listed there for
 Warwick Series
                      # Overview
                      # Corvette
                            * Corvette $$
                            * Corvette $$ NT Bubinga
                            * Corvette $$ NT Ash
                      # Streamer
                            * Streamer LX
                            * Streamer Jazzman
                            * Streamer Stage I
                            * Streamer Stage II
                            * Streamer $$
                      # Thumb
                            * Thumb Bolt-on
                            * Thumb (NT)
                      # Thumb SC
                      # Infinity
                            * Infinity NT Birdeye Maple Top
                            * Infinity NT Flamed Maple Top
                      # Star Bass II
                            * Star Bass II Bubinga
                            * Star Bass II Maple
                      # Dolphin Pro I
                      # Stryker
                      # Katana
                      # Vampyre NT
                      # Triumph
                + Special Editions
                + Limited Editions
                      # Overview
                      # Corvette NT LTD 2010
                      # Corvette $$ LTD 2009
                      # Streamer LX LTD 2008
                      # Thumb Bolt-on LTD 2007
                      # Thumb Bolt-on LTD 2006
                      # Corvette Standard LTD 2005
                      # FNA Jazzman LTD 2004
                      # Thumb Bolt-on LTD 2003
                      # FNA Jazzman LTD 2002
                      # Thumb Bolt-on LTD 2001
                + Signature Series
                      # Overview
                      # Rubert Trujillo Quicksilver Signature
                      # Robert Trujillo Turquoise Blue Signature
                      # Bootsy Collins Black Star Signature
                      # Bootsy Collins Orange Star Signature
                      # Adam Clayton Reverso Signature
                      # TM Stevens Signature
                      # Stuart Zender Signature
                      # P-Nut III Signature
                      # P-Nut II Signature
                      # P-Nut I Signature
                      # Jack Bruce Signature
                      # Jack Bruce CRB
                      # Hellborg Signature Bass
                      # Jäcki Reznicek Signature
                      # Buzzard JE Signature
                      # Nobby Meidel Signature
                + Custom Shop
                + Discontinued Basses
                      # Overview
                      # Buzzard BO
                      # Corvette Pro Line
                      # Corvette Taranis
                      # Dolphin SNT TCST
                      # FNA
                      # FNA Jazzman
                      # Fortress Series
                      # Infinity SNT TCST
                      # Katana Bolt-on
                      # Streamer CT
                      # Streamer LX Broadneck
                      # Streamer Pro M
                      # Stryker Mahogany
                      # Stryker Ziricote
                      # Thumb Bolt on BN
                      # Vampyre BO
                        "Dark Lord"
                      # Vampyre SNT
          o Warwick Pro Series Made in Korea
                + Corvette Standard Bubinga
                + Corvette Standard Ash
          o RockBass Series Made in China
                + Overview
                + Streamer Standard
                + Streamer LX
                + Corvette Basic
                      # Corvette Basic activ
                      # Corvette Basic passiv
                + Corvette Classic
                + Corvette Premium
                + Corvette $$
                + Fortress
                + Vampyre
          o Alien Acoustic Made in Vietnam
                + Warwick Alien
                + Rockbass Alien Standard
                + Rockbass Alien Deluxe
          o Amplification
                + Amps
                      # Overview
                      # ProFet Series
                      # TubePath Series
                      # X-Treme Series
                + Cabinets
                      # Overview
                      # Cabinets Pro Series
                      # Cabinets Neodyme Series
                + Combos
                      # Overview
                      # Blue Cab Series
                      # Semi Professional Series
                      # Professional Series
                      # Amps
                      # Cabinets
                + Hellborg

Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?

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Well, apparently not. I've now found the same info on the Warwick site, but
with a completely different path. As soon as your link gets as far as slash
media, it says that you are trying to go to a forbidden area, so I assume a
'dealer' area ?


Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?

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   No, you posted a broken link.  It is broken across two lines because
it wasn't posted properly:

   Your link:


    A proper link:


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Re: Warwick Amp tech info ?
unusual torroid inrush limiter on these - 150R cold , dropping less than
0.1v of mains in use

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