Help Datasheet BB109G; BF311; BF982; BF910

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I'm lokking for datasheets of the following components :
varactor diode : BB109G
transistors : BF311 ; BF982 ; BF910


Re: Help Datasheet BB109G; BF311; BF982; BF910
Can't provide you with datasheets, only some short form specs:

BB109: silicon VHF varactor diode, breakdown voltage 30V, Ctot at 3V
26-32pF, Ctot at 25V 4-6 pF, possible replacement BB139 different case

BF311: npn BJT for use in TV-IF applications, ft = 750MHz, TO-92, pin
layout B-C-E, potential replacement typ BF199, same case but lower fT
(550 MHz).

BF982: dual gate MOSFET for FM/VHF applications, Uds = 20V, Up  <1.3V

BF910: dual gate MOSFET for UHF applications, Uds = 20V, Idss > 5mA, Up
< 3.5V

Both dual gate MOSFETs should be replaceable by a BF960 (UHF, 20V, Idss
 > 2mA, Up < 2.7V)


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