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tog lige google : QUESTION NO. P91902-3:  Need Cross Reference for MP1620 &
MN2488, SK parts oem for Sony.  They are available via Sony however I need
them asap and I don't have time to wait for them to be shipped. I cannot
seem to find a cross anywhere.
      SanKen's PNP/NPN pair, 2SB1620 and 2SD2488, should be similar.  Try
Audio Lab of Georgia (http// for those devices.

Sony model STR-D865.'

Fel : Looking for final pair San Ken MN2488 and MP1620. Is there a generic
cross for these or a source other than Sony for replacements?

Åtgärd : MN2488 and MP1620 are the numbers for the devices Sanken provides
to Sony. The industry numbers are 2SD2488 and 2SB1620. If your supplier of
Japanese transistors has these latter two, they will substitute, but these
will not cross to any generics, their specs are too unique. They are matched
NPN and PNP Darlingtons, rated 200 Vceo, 15 Amp, 150 Watt, MT100 case, with
minimum gain of 5000. If your supplier does not have them, your most likely
bet is still to obtain them through Sony, using the Sony numbers.

Mvh Kasper

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