ATX strømforsyning, det grå ben

Hej, Jeg har et problem med et Acer Idea mediecenter. Det er helt d=F8dt, s=E5 jeg troede f=F8rst, at det var str=F8mforsyningen. Jeg har nu m=E5lt p=E5 str=F8mforsyningen, og det eneste der virker forkert er signalet p=E5 det gr=E5 ben - det g=E5r aldrig h=F8jt. S=E5 vidt jeg kan forst=E5, er det et statussignal, der viser, om str=F8mf. er ok.

ATX/ATX 12V Power Supply Design Guide ver 1.1 foreskriver: "PWR_OK" is a "power good" signal. It should be asserted high by the power supply to indicate that the +12 VDC, +5VDC, and +3.3VDC outputs are above theundervoltage thresholds listed in Section 3.2.1 and that sufficient mains energy is stored by the converter to guarantee continuous power operation within specification for at least the duration specified in Section 3.2.11, "Voltage Hold-up Time." conversely, PWER_OK should be deasserted to a low state when any of the +12 VDC, +5 VDC, or +3.3 VDC output voltages falls below its undervoltage threshold, or when mains power has been removed for a time sufficiently long such that power supply operation cannot be guranteed beyond the power-down warning time. The electrical and timing characteristics of the PWR_OK signal are given in Table 14 and in Figure 2.

Kunne det t=E6nkes, at str=F8mforsyningen er ok, og at dette ben simpelthen bare ikke benyttes i denne str=F8mforsyning?

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Mvh. Kim

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