Would like to ask about home welder project - My Welder Project.pdf (0/1)

Here is a home welder project that I am working on. Would like to know if I am heading in the right direction or out in left field. I will use it for ARC and TIG. Randy

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Atathcments sent to this newsgroup usualy get lost , i cant see it anyway, try posting in alt.binaries.schematics.electronics or better still make it available on the web.

There was someone else building a welder project, well the controller for a large transformer rectifier anyway. Not heard from him for ages, hope he didnt blow himself up or something.

Colin =^.^=

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: My Welder Project.pdf (0/1)

Do not attempt to post attachments to Usenet groups which don't have **binary** or **binaries** in their names. Servers generally strip off the attachments. . .

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