Trying to ID component


I am trying to ID a surface mount component and having trouble reading the part number.

I believe it is a 5V surface mount regulator. The PCB ID is "U1" and the numbers on it are something like the following:

FS8653 (or could be FS0053)

33FI0005 (or could be 33P10005)

Tried googeling similar but came up with nothing.

Is U1 the designation for a VREG? DO any of these numbers look familiar to anyone.

Thanks in advance

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It's USese for an IC. So it certainly could be. How many legs does it have ? 3 would indicate a likely regulator or voltage reference like a 431.

Nope. Sorry.


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The first step is to find out who made this component. Is there a logo-like symbol on the device? A funny F or N or a small PH or something? Once you know the manufacturer you can search their website for device ordering codes and packaging information. What kind of package is your device? How many pins? It must be rather large with so much written on it.

And yes, U1 may very well be the reference of a regulator or any other integrated circuit.


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U1 usually refers to IC1, the first numbered IC in the circuit or that stage of the circuit and has no bearing on the function of the chip.

  1. Is it still working - ie. Can you power the circuit up and measure input and output voltages?
  2. Does it have three pins? If so, does it have one pin connected to ground, one going to a rectifier or DC voltage and one pin going to a rail feeding other components?
  3. If one pin goes to ground, is there a capacitor on each of the others? e.g. a 10uF-100uF cap on one and an 0.1uF-10uF cap on the other?

Often, checking out what the chip is connected to will give a fair idea of it's function. Trace the circuit leading to and from the unknown device, then re-post.

P.S. Don't ignore DF's advice about tracing the manufacturer, although often this leads to zilch.

... Johnny

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Johnny Boy

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