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We're just starting to use a new CAD system which means that we can standardise on PCB component id prefixes. At the moment engineers use what they feel like, although if I tried using U1 instead of IC1 there would be a revolt in our CAD dept.

Somewhere there is an IPC (I think) standard for this which I came across several years ago but can't now find, I would be very grateful if someone could direct me to it.

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Its in: IPC-DRM-18 Component Identification Desk Reference Manual

Sample copy here:

formatting link

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Looks like you may have a revolt on your hands if they want to follow ANSI/IEEE!

I'm not the OP, but this was useful information to me too. I have as it happens been following ANSI/IEEE for the most part (I didn't know for example an LED should be DS, I've just been using D). So thanks for this!


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Ought to depend on what you're using it for. Back in the day, DS was for 'DiSplay', but there are lots of uses for LEDs that have nothing to do with displays. IR remotes, for instance, or switches with controllable bias current.


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