Silicon & Germanium

What are the advantages of silicon over germanium?

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I'm Mr.B
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With silicon you can wateproof your shower or kitchen, and geranium is a nice somewhat smelly flower.

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Sjouke Burry

Silicone has other, um, "interesting" uses, too.


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As electronic items? The semiconductor properties are different: Ge is slightly faster and has lower tolerance for high temperatures, and the Si is more rugged, and far far cheaper per pound. Si also has a stable oxide, and nitride, which simplifies some kinds of processing.

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Silicon transistors and such are much easier to get, and I don't think a geranium IC has ever even been made.

Hope This Helps! Rich

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Rich Grise

silicon costs $10 per kg. germanium is $800 per kg, silicon dioxide has a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of silicon, so ICs do not flake apart as the temperature changes. germanium is not as good in that regard.

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Silicon has lower temp drift Silicon has lower leak current

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From the end-user's POV, Si devices have much lower leakages and can operate at higher temperatures than Ge.

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