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I have a roland drum kit that runs on a 9v 1200ma power supply. I also have a 12v 400amp battery charger pack, with a cigarette adapter.

Is it possible to get a power supply converter to run my drum kit from the battery pack? I have very limited knowledge and and a bit confused as to what how and why.

Any pointers to products I can buy would be great. I'm based in the UK.



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TR Love skrev:

If you are looking for a completed solution, I dont think this is the right group.

If you want to build it yourself, you would get a voltage regulator rated for your amp usage, and put some caps before and after for a smooth supply.


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Jan Nielsen

I'm not sure if there are any direct step-down converters that'll do what you want.

Perhaps the safest thing to do is to get an AC converter that'll plug into the cigarette adapter and generate 220V or whatever you limeys use. Then plug your drum kit's converter into that. Just make sure that it's capable of delivering the current that your drum kid adapter wants (read the label carefully, it'll tell you the AC current requirements -- then buy a converter that'll deliver that much).

It's indirect, it's heavy, it's inefficient, in theory it's more expensive -- but in practice it'll get you making noise faster, you won't have to know much about electronics to plug it together, and it won't run down your battery all that much faster.

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Tim Wescott

Go to the other side of google and search on stuff like "dc-dc power adapters" or "lighter adapter" and so on.

You'll find one eventually.

Be sure that you get one with a current rating greater than or equal to 1200mA.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Circa Mon, 04 Jun 2007 03:11:34 -0700 recorded as looks like TR Love sounds like:

Whaddyaknow. The first Google hit returned on the search


Which has at least two devices that will suit you. DC 12V to 9V car adapters, one at 1200mA, one at 2000. You owe me a pint. :-)

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Charlie Siegrist

I'll guess that you can run the drum kit off of the charger pack directly but I'd check with the manufacturer before trying it.

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A 400 amp charger is not likely to be filtered OR regulated. Open circuit, or with that small of a load the output may be over 20 volts of high ripple DC that would destroy your Roland.

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