Power supply design

Standard buck switching power supply from the likes of Linear Technology, TI, Maxim, National Semiconductor, etc.

You might come up a little shy on the output side, though -- you're asking for 90% efficiency in the conversion, and this is high enough that -- while quite doable -- you will have to pay careful attention to where your losses are. Using something like the National Semi. 'simple switchers' probably won't cut it. (Although I expect they would readily get you at least 80% conversion efficiency.)

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Can't be done. Your adapter supplies 9W and you want to supply 10W. As someone said, it would need to over 100% efficiency which is impossible.

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More like 111% ;-)

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I read in sci.electronics.design that Dejan Uzelac wrote (in ) about 'Power supply design', on Thu, 10 Feb 2005:

You can't. 9 V x 1 A is 9 watts. 5 V x 2 A is 10 watts. You can't get more out than you put in.

The best thing to do is to buy a 5 V 2 A adapter.

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John Woodgate


I have an adapter with an output of 9V 1A DC adapter.

I need to convert this to 5V, 2A?

Any idea how I can make a little power supply circuit or something to achieve this?


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Dejan Uzelac

Or, he could post his request on alt.energy.over-unity. They can help him there.

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